Hello there. I am currently working on a set of game-edition tools to run on the NintendoDS. A couple of elementary demo is available through the sourceforge project.
This is not going very fast, so you may want to check the devblog instead.

Latest demo game : Apple Assault

binary and source packages in the download area






SEDS is a sprite editor for the nintendo DS. It allows you to draw your own small images (up to 64x64 pixels at a time) using the console's touchscreen, and to manage those images into "sheets" suited for video game animated characters/monsters graphics or tiled background.
SEDS is accompanied by a collection of PERL scripts that help manipulating and converting the native .spr files "offline" on a PC.
Runme is an all-in-one tool for (game development related) media management. Its first functionnality is to transfer files over Wifi between your nintendo DS and your PC, but it is also capable of previewing some file formats (.pcx images, .spr spritesheets, tracked music, etc) and pre-viewing (scripted) game scenes.
runme-reloaded (currently in development) is also capable of interpeting simple command files to perform batch file operations such as full directory uploads
LEDS is a custom level editor that lets you build your own map with the SEDS-compatible tilesets. Levels are built using two layers and properties of the background can be set through an additional "meta-data" virtual layer.
You can move around the SD card and pick the .map and .spr files you want to work on, create new maps, save your work (of course). Maps can then later be loaded through GEDS scripts in the game engine.
AnimEDS allows you to create modular animation by moving and alterning sprites. It natively reads SEDS files and saves animations in the same file. Use at least SEDS 0.4 to manipulate .spr files containing animations.
Future release will also allow visual edition of the collision boxes and direct use of those animation by the libGEDS game engine.
  • status: v0.3 beta
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